Jaguar wants you to ace the perfect driving position

So they made a video about it

Road safety campaigns are not something new, but other than respecting others on your way from A to B, it’s also important to look after your body in the event of a crash.


Enter the correct position behind the wheel, which can make the difference between a severe injury and just a minor concussion.

Some of you might know this, but we’ll go through it anyway: the most injury-exposed body areas in case of a car crash are your back, neck, shoulders and legs. So strapping your seat belt on is not enough (but you should definitely do that no matter what).

Now, we wouldn’t have brought the video below to your attention if it didn’t contain info and tips that might not have reached all of us in the past. 

There’s also no point in trying to describe what the video says, so do watch it (that will take just 2 minutes) and pay attention.

Drive safely! 

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